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For this reason, we won’t even buy vintage Cartier Love bangles unless they’ve been authenticated by Cartier itself – there’s simply no fool-proof way to tell a good fake from the real deal. Of course, today, the Google query of “Cartier Love bracelets fake vs real?” is easily answered. Cartier’s modern Love bangles are stamped not only with serial numbers, but with the Cartier logo and copyright, the 18kt gold 750 stamp, and a hallmark. Most fake Cartier love bracelet will only imitate the stamps partially, and not very well at that. We’ll use this as our first example of how to spot a fake Cartier Love bracelet.

1. Closely read the hallmarks and logos.

Every Cartier Love bracelet is stamped with a “hallmark” that indicates the metal quality. Love Bracelets made out of 18K gold are stamped with 18K, 750 or sometimes both numbers. Platinum imitation cartier bracelet, meanwhile, are marked with the numerals 950. If those hallmarks are not impressed on your bracelet, it’s definitely a warning sign.

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And double-check the spelling and typography of the Cartier logo. It the brand name is misspelled or not in the iconic cursive font, your bracelet is—sorry to say—a forgery.

2. Materials: Metal & diamond check

Cartier Love bracelets are either crafted with 18K Gold or Platinum. The gold color may vary (white, rose or yellow), however the stamp will always remain the same; 750 stamp for the 18K gold bracelet and 950 stamp for the platinum bracelet.

The first step is identifying metal type and purity by searching for said stamp and gold hallmarks. Make sure that both metal type and karat type match the stamps.
The karat type should always be mentioned on both halves of the bracelet.

The Love bracelet always features either 1, 4 or 10 diamonds, which are set with brilliant-cut, weighing approximately 0.1 ct each. Apart from the pure gold bracelet, which has no diamonds at all.

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