For use of silver, there are too much to say. Silver is expensive than alloy, and also apply in many area. Besides the use of silver in replica pomellato jewelry and silverware and as an alloy of gold it is valuable in commerce, art, and science. An alloy of silver is used in filling teeth and a solution of silver makes the only true "stain" for glass, producing a beautiful golden yellow.


The women of India and other eastern countries are loaded with pomellato ring replica for women from their filigree head dresses to their silver anklets which sometimes weigh twenty ounces each. Long silver chains are worn in Scandinavia and Russia. In the balkans, Persia, and Japan, silver is used to ornament weapons and the temples of India have silver-plated doors and domes.


The chief use of the metal is in coinage. Many countries employ it instead of gold as the standard of values. Sterling silver have the same proportion of alloy as United States coins, that is, 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of alloy.


Now talk something about alloy. Alloy is very practical material to make jewelry. An alloy is a combination of two or more metals produced by fusion. An alloy of gold, platinum, or silver with any of the baser metals.


The metals chiefly used in alloying the precious metals are:


With gold - silver, copper, or nickel.
With silver - tin, zinc, lead, or copper.
With platinum - palladium, iridium, or silver.


So what about the purpose of alloy replica pomellato necklace? When metals are alloyed, their good qualities seem to combine. When copper, silver, or nickel are added to gold, they increase its strength and toughness without destroying its beauty or metallic luster, unless anexcess of metal is used. Gold and silver possess all the qualities, except hardness, necessary for making beautiful jewelry. Pure gold is so soft that it is practically unusable.


Pure gold cannot be affected by any gases or impurities in the air or water. Replica van cleef & arpels jewelry Silver is only affected by sulphur. but copper will corrode under ordinary atmospheric conditions. Gold which contains a large amount of copper will in hot weather leave a green mark on the skin. Platinum is unalterable by the air or even by acids under ordinary conditions but the "white gold" imitation of platinum contains silver and nickel which are attacked by sulphur or acids.


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In a word, alloy and silver are more common in all the raw material to be jewelry like fake panthere de cartier ring. Now you may know more than before after my introduce.