The real fake panthere de cartier ring Emerald is the green form of minerals, though the emerald greens have recently been used to specify emeralds of various green stones such as Brazilian tourmaline, olivine, garnet etc. It is worth as a ruby Not just a diamond.

The reason for this high value is the huge demand for emeralds and the paucity of perfect gems, as many emeralds contain small cracks and foreign bodies that make them dull. Big stones are very rare and therefore very expensive. The largest known one is owned by the Duke of Devon; it measures two inches and weighs six ounces.

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At present, the main sources of such gemstones are South America and Siberia. Emeralds will never be found in gravel like replica cartier juste un clou bracelet diamonds, rubies and sapphires, but are always embedded in rock formations.

Aquamarine has the same mineral composition as emerald. Its name comes from the color of the sea. It's not as dirty as it is embedded, it's not that much needed. The word "beryl" is commonly used for stones of golden or other colors of the same color as emerald or aquamarine.


Pearls are very different from the origins of other magnetic cartier box fake because they are found in oysters and other seashells. They are divided into two categories: Oriental or Thai, freshwater pearls. Other pearls may be similar strata of molluscs, but not pearl-like materials.