Pearl's history

The use and popularity of replica van cleef jewelry lasted for centuries. Chinese records show that pearl was used as a tribute in the 23rd century BC. They have been associated with royalty and luxury items and are listed as one of the king's major treasures. This pearl is called "Gem aristocracy."

Cultural pearl

Breaded pearls are made by solidifying small pieces of mother-of-pearl and are made by placing beads on the inner surface of the oyster shell. About a year later, another layer of pearls was added, doubling in another two years. It is removed from the oyster and condensed into a plain fake vca clover necklace with the mother's pearl and the lower ground to a generally symmetrical shape. It is similar to a real pearl except that the east is not as good as the east. Blister pearls are poorly handled in the East. Blister pearl treatment the same way, but also the lack of the East. Japanese pearl oyster culture, for these artificial pearl farming island Tadoka. Women and girls do diving.

Pearl setting

Pearls are not cut, and if not luster, the first layer of skin can be removed by subtle manipulation and another iridescent layer can be exposed. Due to their softness, pearl must be set carefully or they will be harmed by hard metal. When only the top half shows they often saw in half with more cheap van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings.