The replica cartier juste un clou bracelet form of mineral corundum is the most valuable member of the group. It is above the value of diamonds because large, perfect rubies are very rare. The color from rose to deep carmine, "pigeon" bloody is the most valuable. There is a legend that experts test the ruby ​​color by placing the jewel on a piece of white paper and letting a drop of pigeon blood fall next to it. This explains the name of the shadow. The color and the direction of viewing the stone vary greatly. Therefore, in cutting, the side that sees the richest color is always the top.

Myanmar and India contain the most important ruby ​​mines. Other mines are located in the United States of Siam, Ceylon, Afghanistan and North Ceylon.

Some rubies exhibit six stars, known as stars or replica panthere de cartier ring, and sometimes cat's eye rubies. They are very rare.

Poor stones and imitations are often given to rubies, because stones are invaluable. The most common alternatives are spinel and garnet. Potical tests detect differences easily.

Common defects of fake cartier box are the lack of clarity, or silk, plaque and internal cracks.