In this 2017 new spring, van cleef & arpels jewelry creat a full new design jewelry, that is replica van cleef & arpels frivole collection jewelry with 9 styles. The designer will be extraordinary creative quenching into a sparkling new jewelry, flowers spit Rui bloom, like in the breeze under the slight trembling, lifelike. Whether it is turned into a single flower, or sparkling flowers are burst out of the bright elegance of the genial light, makeup soft skin.



Spring back to the earth, Vientiane update. Spring breath for the Frivole series of pure shine style into the vitality. Exquisite heart-shaped petals composed of gorgeous elegant three-dimensional flowers, one or three diamonds dotted them, blooming dazzling Huacai. Bright shadows and works of geometric lines against each other, showing a charming charm. 9 new works will be market in August 13, 2017 officially listed, Frivole series with their own precious metal materials and new size blooming new Yan. New work, the family is presented for the first time elegant light bracelet works.

The new material with yellow K gold as the main material and paved with diamonds in this series shine debut, including trumpet earrings, large pendants and Between the FingerTM finger ring.

Bright and pleasing to the eye is a symbol of the family design, two asymmetrical flowers at both ends of the ring embraced each other, unique. The family insists on the most stringent standards of selection of diamonds, embellished on each of the works of each diamond up to D, E or F grade color, and VVS to the upper level of clarity.


Van cleef & arpels bracelet in white gold with 5 motifs blue


Frivole series sale "earrings" works for the first time, with yellow K gold diamond and white gold two styles, so that the whole series is more colorful face perfect. The new mini-size flower pattern also extends to the pendant and bracelet, the same gold K gold or white gold casting. The family is the first to introduce a single flower pattern decorated with a light bracelet, so that more delicate and elegant wrist.

Replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry always pursuit of the fleeting nature of the Smart beauty all the time. In the Frivole series, the overall shape of the flower structure and petals are carefully considered and designed to reproduce the ever-changing nature of the moment. Designer used the mirror high polishing process since the 1920s, enhance the brightness of the metal perfectly, making the petals pavilions shine, each piece is filled with a unique vitality.

In addition, the designers use the mesh fine craft, in the jewelry works of gold components drilling, so that light can penetrate through the hole directly through the diamond, creating a shiny bright effect. Exquisite jewelry craftsmanship on the details of the meticulous dedication in order to make Frivole series of works more refined.

From the 1920s diamond brooch to contemporary jewelry works, flowers have been classic one of the source of inspiration in the fake van cleef & arpels necklace jewelry collection. The family is attracted by the ever-changing nature, many times the vitality of the flowers and the vibrant beauty of the beauty into a section of bright jewelry works.

Christmas roses, large cosmos, poppy flowers, bell burgers, lily of the valley and cherry blossoms form a family of charming garden, through the "golden hand" superb craft, blooming extreme beauty. Frivole series also continued cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry to pay tribute to the natural beauty of the traditional creation.

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